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Explain: “Tell me more about Luke 15:7.”

It makes God and His holy angels happy to see sinful people like ourselves changing and living for the Lord and not themselves. This is true repentance and we all need to repent. When Jesus speaks of those who need no repentance He is speaking ironically. Jesus was speaking to people who considered themselves better than others and so they thought they did not need to repent—they thought they were righteous. God rejoiced more over repentant sinners than over them!

Explain: “Does Son of Man mean Son of God?”

You will see from page 8 that the term “Son of Man” means that Jesus was a real man. The term “Son of God” means that He was also God. Unlike us, Jesus had two natures. He was the God-man. He was God and man at the same time. This is what makes the person of Jesus so amazing!

Explain: “What is meant by ‘The son had lost his way in life’”

If we take a journey and lose our way it means we have taken a wrong road and are lost. People who have “lost their way in life” have left the road that pleases God. They are on a road that displeases God and leads to Hell. Jesus calls such people “lost”. We are all “lost” and on the road to Hell until we are “saved” by faith in the cross of Jesus.


Explain: “What does ‘bosom’ mean in Luke 16:23?”

To draw a person close to your bosom is to draw them close to your heart. It is a sign of affection and love. Abraham, an Old Testament believer and prophet, is seen to be welcoming Lazarus with love and affection into Heaven.

Explain: “What does Luke 16:24 mean?”

The rich man in the parable is in Hell. Jesus described Hell as a hot and dreadful place. This is only a picture of what Hell is like. It is a place of punishment for sin. We need forgiveness for sin so that we do not have to go to Hell. Jesus suffered the punishment of Hell in the believer’s place—see later studies. It is essential to believe on Jesus if we are to escape Hell. Note: It is not wrong to be rich, but the rich frequently forget God and others, just as this man did in the parable.

Explain: “What is the meaning of Matthew 5:46-47?”

The tax-collectors in Jesus’ day were hated by the Jews because they collected tax on behalf of their Roman conquerors. However, even tax-collectors did good to those who were good to them. Jesus tells his hearers to do better than that. Christians must be good to their enemies as well as their friends!

Explain: “Why should we agree with our adversary - Matthew 5:23-26?”

Jesus pictures two men going to a law court. The man who is in the wrong should try and pacify his opponent (adversary) before they get to the court. If he does not get right with his adversary quickly, the judge may decided to throw him into prison for his crime. God is the judge in this short story. We should try and put things right with the person we have sinned against before we have to appear before our Judge! It is another way of saying that we should repent and show it by the way we treat others.

Explain: “What does Pharisee mean? Why is Christ the Son of David? - Matt 22:42”

The Pharisees were VERY religious Jews. They were known for their hypocrisy.
David was an ancient king of the Jews. God made a promise that the Saviour of The World would be a descendant of David. The family of Jesus was descended from David, which means that Jesus was also descended from him. Male descendants were often called the “sons” of ancient relatives, even though they were strictly grandsons or great grandsons etc. In this sense Jesus was David’s son. But Jesus existed before David, as He is trying to point out in verses 41-45.

Explain: "Regarding Luke 15:12-32, do you think that the degenerate life that I lived under the curse of alcohol has now been forgiven through God's love for me?"

There can be absolutely no doubt that God is willing to receive the sinner who returns to Him. The parable of the Prodigal Son illustrates this well. The son had spent all his money on wild living and prostitutes, but he eventually came to his senses and returned home. His father was not only glad to receive him, but went out to greet him!

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