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Explain: “Why do you say that ‘only’ Jesus completely pleased God?”

Only a perfect person can completely please God. Jesus was entirely without sin; He was completely perfect! We sin in thought, word and deed. Never an hour passes without us sinning. To be “well pleased” with Jesus was to be completely pleased with Him. God honoured Jesus by publicly declaring that He was pleased with Him. He could NEVER honour sinful people like us in this way.


Explain: “Is the High Priest in Hebrews 4:15 Jesus? Explain from ‘but’ onwards”

Yes, Jesus is said to be a High Priest by the writer of Hebrews. God had promised to send a priest who would live forever. Jesus came alive and is still alive today; He lives forever. Priests spoke to God on behalf of sinners like us. There is no longer any need for priests today, as Jesus is in Heaven and speaks to God the Father for us.

Jesus has sympathy for sinners because He was tempted to sin just as we are. However, unlike us, He never yielded to temptation. Priests needed to sympathise with sinners so that they could plead with God on their behalf. Who would you most like to speak on your behalf, a person who understood your trials or one who did not understand them?

Explain: “What is meant by 2Corinthians 5:21 (footnote)?”

When Jesus died on the cross something very wonderful happened. The sins of believers were given to Jesus (as if He had done them), and His righteousness was attributed to them, even to those believers who had not yet been born. He is said to have become sin, and believers are said to become righteousness. This is just to emphasis how closely He became responsible for our sin and how much His righteousness really is seen by God to belong to those who believe in Christ.


Explain: “Why did Jesus say, ‘Permit it to be so now etc’ - Matthew 3:15-16?”

Permit means to allow. Jesus asked John to allow His baptism to take place. So John allowed Jesus to be baptised, just as others were being baptised, even though John knew that Jesus had no sin to repent of.

John baptised Jesus even though Jesus was much greater than John. John did not feel worthy enough to baptise Jesus, but Jesus insisted and John obeyed. It is just another example of the humility of Jesus.

Explain: “Why did John ask who Jesus was, when at His baptism God openly announced that Jesus was His Son”?

Yes, John did know who Jesus was. He heard God’s voice announce that Jesus was His Son, and he pointed to Jesus as “The Lamb of God” (John 1:29, 36).But even the greatest believers can have sinful doubts, even after seeing something as wonderful as the Spirit descending on Jesus (John 1:33).

John was in prison when he sent his disciples to Jesus. It is easy for doubts to take us over when we are in very discouraging circumstances. John was only human like us. He was hated by Herod and especially by his wife. His life was in danger and he would soon be beheaded. I think this is the most likely reason why he sent his disciples to Jesus, and should encourage us to know that it is not unusual to have doubts at times. But we should recall the wonderful things Jesus did, as John was asked to do, to dispel our doubts!

Explain: “Why should we love our enemies, and how can we love them?”

We should love our enemies because God loved His enemies and sent His Son to die for those who would repent and believe. Jesus loved His enemies when He said “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do” (Luke23:34).

We can only love our enemies when we realise how bad we are ourselves. If God is prepared to forgive us then we should be ready to forgive others. Ask God to show you how undeserving you are of His love and then you will be more ready to forgive others.

Explain: "Why do some people have no compassion and why are there so many fights and wars in the modern world?"

The answer to this question can be found in Matthew 15:19. In this verse Jesus said that the human heart is full of bad things. He said, "out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications [sexual sins], thefts, false witness [lies], blasphemies [words against God]." When a person does wrong he (or she) is doing what his own evil nature is telling him to do. There are "fights and wars" because of the hatred that is in people's hearts.

That hatred is in your heart and my heart also, but we do not always show it. It is only when we say something that hurts another, or do something that hurts another that it shows. Because we are all sinners, to a greater or lesser degree, we all need forgiveness. Jesus died to make forgiveness possible.

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