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Explain: “… but nothing was left behind because the tomb was empty!”

To prove to the world that dinosaurs once lived on the earth we put their bones on display in museums. But there is obviously nothing to show to prove that Jesus came alive and returned to Heaven. If we were to show His dead body we would not prove the resurrection, we would disprove it! And how can we show His living body when it is in Heaven? We do, however, have the written testimony of those who saw Him alive before He returned to Heaven. We must decide for ourselves whether their accounts are true. Everything suggests that they are true, as Study 5 points out!

Explain: “… as by one born out of due time.”

Paul was the last person to see the risen Christ. It was probably many months later than the rest of the apostles. In this verse he is saying something like this: “I missed the appearances of Jesus that the others saw. I was a younger man and not one of the disciples at the time. Jesus showed Himself alive to them before He returned to Heaven but to me (and to me only!) after he had returned to Heaven!! I was the last to see Him. I arrived late on the scene like a baby born at the wrong time.”


Explain: “What does ‘He borrowed a rich man’s tomb’ mean?”

People often prepare for the day when they die. Some people, in biblical times, would have a tomb dug and ready for their burial. A rich man called Joseph had prepared a new tomb for himself. Joseph was a secret disciple who loved Jesus. He took the dead body of Jesus and laid it in his own new tomb (Matthew 27:57-60). For a brief while Jesus “borrowed” that tomb. When Jesus rose from the dead He no longer needed it.


Explain: “If Jesus is not risen, there is no reason to believe that the punishment He received was adequate”

Criminals are released from prison when they have been adequately punished (i.e. punished enough for their particular crime). If the punishment of Jesus was sufficient enough for our sins then we should expect Him to be released from the “prison” of death. If Jesus was not released from this “prison” (i.e. if the resurrection did not take place) then Jesus has not been punished enough, and believers are still under condemnation (see previous Answers). This is what Paul meant in 1Corinthians 15:17.


Explain: “Hebrews 10:26-28”

True Christians not only understand the “truth” about Jesus; they also practice it in their lives. These verses are a warning to those who call themselves Christians but continue to live as they have always done. They must live like Christians and do the things that please God. Christians still sin, but those who sin “wilfully”, i.e. without true repentance, show they are not real Christians at all.

Explain: "Why did Jesus not show Himself to all His disciples at once"?

I suppose the simplest answer to this question is because all the disciples weren't together at the same time. Like any group of people they came and went. In the absence of their leader, Jesus, they had no cause to come together for His instruction as they used to do.

Explain: "Why did Jesus invite His disciples to handle His resurrection body?"

It was to prove that Jesus had a real body and that He wasn't a spirit or ghost (Luke 24:39). They could not deny that "something" was there before their eyes, but Jesus wanted them to know that it was truly Himself in the flesh, and that He had conquered death. When they touched Him, they discovered that His body was warm and solid, just like it had been before He died. Christians can now face death with confidence, knowing that they too will be raised to life one day.

Explain: "What is meant by 'some are fallen asleep' (1Cor. 15:6)?"

It means, "Some have died". Turn to 1Thessalonians 4:13 and you will see that Christians refer to death as a sleep. This is not because Christians don't properly die, but because death is only temporary, like sleep from which we awake. When Jesus returns to this world He will "wake" the dead with a shout (1Thessalonians 4:16). Read about the raising of Jairus' daughter by Jesus (Mark 5:22-24, 35-43) and you will understand.

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