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Explain: “What does ‘indifferent, as if deaf’ mean?”

If a person is indifferent he/she is not concerned whether a thing is or isn’t true, or whether something has or hasn’t happened etc. Such people are totally lacking in interest and so they do not respond to what they are told. They are like people who are deaf and cannot respond. They should use the ears God has given them! Doing the word of God (page 25) refers to acting on what we hear—i.e. doing what God commands.


Explain: “Why does Jesus speak of a narrow and wide gate in Matthew 7:13?”

Jesus speaks of the wide gate leading to a broad (or wide) path. This is easy to find because many other people are going that way. But this path leads to “destruction”, i.e. eternal punishment.

He then speaks of a narrow (or small) gate that is not so easy to find because the crowds are not going that way! This gate and narrow path leads to God and Eternal Life. So Jesus is speaking about salvation (forgiveness of sin). It is easy to follow the majority of people today who have no interest in God or salvation. But that path leads to Hell! The path that leads to Heaven is not so easy to find. Only a few discover Jesus as the gate (John 10:9) and way (John 14:6) to Heaven. And only a few are prepared to leave their sins behind them, in order to squeeze through that narrow gate!

Explain: “Why did Jesus pray for another Helper (John 14:16)? Is the other Helper Jesus Himself?”

Jesus had helped His disciples but He was soon to return to Heaven. They would need another Helper to take His place. Jesus is speaking of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit comes to live in every true believer in Christ. In the absence of Jesus, Christians need this Helper (God’s Holy Spirit). So, the Helper Jesus speaks of is not Jesus Himself. The Holy Spirit who came to Jesus at His baptism comes to every person that accepts Christ as his or her personal Saviour. “He” in John 14:26 (page 27) is the Holy Spirit.

Explain: “If I want to be a Christian, how am I baptised and what shall I do after that?”

If you want to become a Christian ask God to forgive your sins on the basis of Christ’s death for sinners. Trust Christ’s blood alone to put you right with God. The moment you do, you will become a true Christian and you will be aware of God’s Holy Spirit helping you. Then you should be baptised and join a church, just as they did in the days of the New Testament.

After that you need to grow as a Christian by reading the Bible every day and attending the church as often as you can. Regular instruction in the teaching of Scripture (The Bible) will make you a strong Christian—one who will be able to resist temptation and lead others to the Saviour.

Explain: "I want to know what ‘contrite’ means. Can you help me?"

Any dictionary will tell you that to be "contrite" means to be "sorry", "ashamed", "repentant", and "full of regret". If we are contrite, we deeply regret those things in our lives that have displeased God. We are ashamed of ourselves, and full of sorrow.

God loves those who have a humble and "contrite" spirit, see Isaiah 57:15 and 66:2. No one can become a true Christian unless they hate their sin and have a contrite heart. But however bad we have been, and however much we hate ourselves for our sin, there is forgiveness through the blood that Jesus shed for sinners.

Explain: "Is there anywhere in the Bible where we are told that Jesus said a person would go to Heaven? Is there any proof that there is a Heaven?"

Jesus said that one of the robbers crucified with Him would go to Paradise the moment he died, i.e. that very day (Luke 23:43). Paradise is another name for Heaven. We believe Heaven exists because Jesus has told us about it. Jesus came from Heaven (John 6:38). We can believe Jesus because we know He is honest and tells the truth. He would not mislead us. He would not tell us a lie. This is enough proof for a real Christian.

Explain: "How did man hear of God? Who is Abraham?"

Most people know there is a God but they don't want to admit it. Someone must have made us, and everything else in the world, because it is impossible for something to come from nothing without being made by someone. God spoke to Abraham and to other prophets in the Bible. This was how people got to know about God. Abraham was the first Jew. All the Jewish people today come from Abraham and his wife Sarah. He is an important person in the Bible because God promised that a Saviour from sin would descend from Abraham. Jesus came from Abraham. He is the promised Saviour. He saved believers from God's punishment by being punished in their place on the cross.

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