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Explain: “Do you know if the tomb Jesus was buried in still exists,
and do other ancient biblical monuments exist”?

A very good example of a tomb similar to Christ’s has been preserved in Jerusalem. It dates back to around the time of Christ, and has a groove where a stone was once rolled to seal it. It is very unlikely to be the exact tomb that Jesus was buried in, however.

A very ornate church has been built over a spot that was said to be the place where the Jesus was buried. But there is no way of proving this. But there are many biblical sites that can still be seen today.

Over the centuries the Christian Church has made the mistake of trying to preserve religious places, and objects that are called “relics”. Some have claimed to possess pieces of Jesus’ cross and the power to work miracles by them. Consequently these objects have been venerated and worshipped. This, together with the veneration of religious sites, is a form of idolatry. Idol worship is strictly forbidden in the Bible.

Explain: “Fear is very difficult to get rid of. How can you help me fight this sin?”

The answer to fear is faith, just as it is the answer to depression see my answer to your question last time.

Peter had faith to walk on the water to Jesus, but then He looked at the waves and began to fear (Matthew 14:30). Jesus said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” Peter took His eyes away from Jesus, looked at the waves, and his faith sank!

If we keep looking at Jesus our faith will be strong, but if we keep looking at our difficulties, and ourselves, our faith will be weak. Often read the Bible and pray. Try and be at both church services for the preaching on Sunday as well as the Bible Study on Tuesday. If you can’t be present, ask for a tape of the preaching. Also, meet with Christians for prayer on Thursdays. This will help to increase your faith because it will keep you looking at Jesus!

Explain: "How will God judge those who have learning disabilities, or are born deaf and dumb"?

This is a difficult question to answer. No one is perfect and entirely excusable for their conduct, for the workings of sin are in us all from birth. This is even true of those who are mentally or physically handicapped. But God is just and perfect in all He does. We may safely trust Him to do what is right when it comes to the judgement of the world. Jesus Christ is the Perfect Judge and will make no mistakes.

While we leave those who are mentally deficient to the wise judgement of God, we know that those who have the mental ability to understand and respond to the Gospel will certainly be condemned if they fail to do so.

Explain: "Should we entertain strangers as some have entertained angels without knowing it?"

We should certainly be kind to strangers, because God says that we should. The Bible tells us of Abraham who discovered that the strangers he entertained were angels. If he had turned them away and later discovered they were angels from heaven, he would have regretted his rudeness.

You are right when you say the days we are living in are not very friendly. When people come to England from other countries they often notice it. Big cities can be unfriendly places, that is why it is important to be a member of a church. Once we know Christ as our Saviour, God wants Christians to work closely together in fellowship and love. With God as our Father, and with the friendship of other Christian, we do not have to be lonely and friendless in a big city like London.

Explain: "Why do the other planets exist? In what way are they connected with our own planet? Are we meant to ignore them and get on with life on our own planet?"

God made the planets, like the sun and moon, to give us light (Genesis 1:16). Also, the sun gives warmth and the moon controls the tides by its gravitational pull. The stars and planets also give us light. The vast expanse of the universe shows us how wonderful God is, for He created them all.

We should admire God for creating such a beautiful universe, get right with Him through Jesus, and then do all we can to please Him in this world. This is far more important than landing a man on the moon or another planet.

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