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"God is..."

For friends who are interested in a slightly more in depth study of Christian teaching we recommend the "God is" course.  This is not complicated and should help the student to get a better understand of the glorious attributes of God Himself.  There are seven studies, please click individual chapters below:

1 God is Real

2 God is Glorious

3 God is King over all

4 God is One yet Three

5 God is Holy

6 God is Love

7 God is to be Worshipped

Those wishing to download the cover should click here

Friends who would like to download the whole complete course in one file should CLICK HERE.

TO VIEW AND PRINT left click any study. The cover can also be printed.

TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER right click any study and choose Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Google Chrome). The files can then be opened with Acrobat Reader and printed.